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My old watercolor (2004 ) is a copy from a book cover about Gauguin.

Couple days ago I came back from my short trip to Ottawa and Quebec city.

In Ottawa I visited the exhibition "Portraits Gauguin". (you can see some photos in my Instagram). It reminds me two books which I read about him.

First, Moon and sixpence by Somerset Maugham who is my favorite writer. I reread his stories many times. This story is a fiction based on a biography of Gauguin. Very interesting!

The second book is a real biography by Henri Perruchot- French art history specialist and writer. He wrote a few biographical stories about artists. Highly recommended! It's pretty easy to read like a fiction story.

Also recently I reread a fiction story about an artist too written by Russian-Israeli writer Dina Rubina. I am not sure if her works are translated in English I hope so. Because she writes amazing stories and researches a theme deeply. I reread White dove of Cordova but all her stories are very interesting and fascinating!

What would you recommend to read about artists?

Thank you!

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