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art classes for kids

Fall Schedule 2019

Due to my school at Conestoga college I offer only Saturday classes this Fall:

Saturdays 1:30 - 2:30 pm - 5 - 7 years old

               2-:30 -3:30 pm - 8 - 12 years old

Home-based Regular Art Classes for Children in Guelph

Year-round regular Art classes for kids 4-16 years at my home, located In Westminster Woods,

south of Guelph (Victoria road South and Clair road), ON.

I have small groups - 3-4 students. That's why I can teach individually and you can join my classes any time!

One class is 1 hour. Price $17 per student including all supplies.

Payment  - every time before a class or for 10 classes in advance via email transfer.

Usually we have 1 class per week. If you wish you can have more classes or 2 hours class. Good for big kids!

Contact me to discuss about semi-private lessons for 2 students or private lessons 1-1.

Students explore different mediums, supplies and surfaces to create Art projects.

Children do the same project or individual one.

I combine academic drawing along to creative stuff:

  • We paint with watercolor, acrylic, dry and oil pastel...

  • We sketch and draw with color, watercolor and pastel pencils, pens and markers... 

  • We do mixed media projects and create from plasticine, clay and paper...

  • We try different surfaces of paper, canvas, carton and etc...

  • We use various sizes of surfaces...

  • We learn what is still life, landscape, portrait or abstract...

  • We take different topics...

  • We observe world around us..

  • We get inspiration from other artists...

  • and We do many-many other fun stuff!

Our motto - Learn. Practice. Create. 

Visual Art as any Musical Instrument requires a lot of practice. That's why I teach during holidays too.