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Winter Schedule 2019


Tuesdays are open for new groups at 5 and 6 pm (except Jan 28):

Saturdays 11:00 am - 12:00 pm - 8-12 years old

               12 pm - 1 pm - 5-7 years old 

Home-based Regular Art Classes for Children in Guelph

Year-round regular Art classes for kids 4-16 years at my home, located In Westminster Woods,

south of Guelph (Victoria road South and Clair road), ON.

I have small groups - 3-4 students. That's why I can teach individually and you can join my classes any time!

One class is 1 hour. Price $17 per student including all supplies.

Payment  - every time before a class or for 10 classes in advance via email transfer

Usually we have 1 class per week. If you wish you can have more classes or 2 hours class. Good for big kids!

Contact me to discuss about semi-private lessons for 2 students or private lessons 1-1.

Students explore different mediums, supplies and surfaces to create Art projects.

Children do the same project or individual one.

I combine academic drawing along to creative stuff:

  • We paint with watercolor, acrylic, dry and oil pastel...

  • We sketch and draw with color, watercolor and pastel pencils, pens and markers... 

  • We do mixed media projects and create from plasticine, clay and paper...

  • We try different surfaces of paper, canvas, carton and etc...

  • We use various sizes of surfaces...

  • We learn what is still life, landscape, portrait or abstract...

  • We take different topics...

  • We observe world around us..

  • We get inspiration from other artists...

  • and We do many-many other fun stuff!

Our motto - Learn. Practice. Create. 

Visual Art as any Musical Instrument requires a lot of practice. That's why I teach during holidays too.

My five-year-old daughter has been taking art classes with Yulia every week for almost two years now. The class is the highlight of her week. Yulia is so creative and inspiring that my daughter's art, which adorns every room in our house, garners many compliments. Not only does my daughter take great pride in developing her own artistic skills but she now has a real appreciation for art in general, and enjoying art galleries and developing her own taste. I have recommended Yulia to friends who have been equally impressed.

Alix Green, parent, Guelph

What people say...

My son attended summer program with several neighbors' kids and it was amazing! It was tailored not only for his age but also for his interests. Although he doesn't enjoy art at the daycare, but this classes were so much different and therefore so much fun for him! I hope to have the opportunity to do them again this summer

Katy Makhova, parent, Kitchener

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