Art Workshops 

Arts for Smarts

Art Workshops for team building and any social events

Reduce stress | Develop creativity | Improve productivity


Art Workshops for your team or group of family/friends at your place

Art workshops for companies, organizations or groups of individuals. I travel to your place! There is no distance for ART!

No experience required. Everyone can create Art!

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Art workshops are of different types and vary based on the medium used:

  • Team building

  • Appreciation/Engagement Event

  • Friends/Family Gathering

  • Birthday Party

  • Education through Art History

  • Math&Science behind Art

  • Soft pastel

  • Acrylic paints

  • Watercolor

  • Drawing

  • Block ptinting

  • Needlework

Team building 

immigr service5.png

volunteer appreciation event


friends gathering

Woodstock, ON

birthday party

Kitchener, ON
Art Workshops for your team or group of family/friends at your place:
Time: 2 hours + around 30 min before and after for preparing/cleaning
Supplies: all included
Where: your place
>10 participants - flat rate $250
<10 participants - $25 per person
  20 participants - $500
<20 participants - $500 + $15 per person 

Private Art Workshops with a lot of individual attention

Cozy, warm, friendly and supportive Art workshops for ladies, families, friends. No experience required.

         At my home, south of Guelph. Around 2-2.5 hours. 6-7 participants. $45 per person, including all supplies, refreshments and wine for adults:).

What people say...

"Everybody loves artwork but a lot of people believe that they cannot do drawing. Yes, you can! You don’t need to be a talent. You just need to learn from a good artist. Yulia is a great art teacher! I saw her work before and I was impressed. I came to her lesson first time on March 31st. I found her very welcoming and engaging, so everyone feels comfortable and enjoy having fun. As a result, you take with you a great picture (made by yourself) and amazing new experience and feelings you’ve never had before. Try it."

Tatiana Alkhov, Kitchener

"I attended Yulia’s workshop a week ago. We worked on a pastel picture and the results turned out great! I have never painted with pastel before. Last time I painted was 20+ years ago. With Yulia’s guidance, professionalism and sense of humor everything was possible. I had a great time during the session. I was able to complete entire picture in one shot. Everyone who sees the completed work compliments me (I would pass these compliments to Yulia :) Yulia’s instructions are simple and easy to follow. She breaks entire picture into series of small tasks with detailed explanation and demonstration. I also liked that I had an opportunity to communicate with the other participants and review our pictures at the end of the session. Thank you so much for organizing and facilitating the workshop! I would recommend it to anyone and will definitely join similar sessions with Yulia."

Julia Bykova, Guelph

"Lovely and friendly atmosphere at Yulia's place. She holds wonderful workshops that leave a good impression, a new picture on the wall, and a pleasure of forming new acquaintances."

Anna Grigoryan, Mississauga

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