Hello! My name is Yulia Balobanova.

I am a multidisciplinary artist, designer and art instructor based in Guelph, ON, Canada.

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As an artist I paint, draw and sketch on paper with soft pastel, watercolor, various pencils and pens. I do block printing on textile and paper.

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I am available for commissions.

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I participate in art shows and festivals with pastel works.

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I do Art Workshops to help people increase creative productivity and reduce stress through Art Education.

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I teach regular year-round art classes for kids at my home or for homeschoolers.

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I work for the City of Guelph and Continuing Education Upper Grand Board School as an Art instructor.

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"Everybody loves artwork but a lot of people believe that they cannot do drawing. Yes, you can! You don’t need to be a talent. You just need to learn from a good artist. Yulia is a great art teacher! I saw her work before and I was impressed. I came to her lesson first time on March 31st. I found her very welcoming and engaging, so everyone feels comfortable and enjoy having fun. As a result, you take with you a great picture (made by yourself) and amazing new experience and feelings you’ve never had before. Try it."

Tatiana Alkhov, Kitchener

What people say

"I have just completed an eight week sketching course with Yulia. She has used a wide variety of media for our lessons which has made all of the lessons both challenging and exciting. It was fun to experiment with the various tools that she has listed for use in her classes. 


Yulia is well organized and each lesson encourages us to experience different subjects and techniques. She develops skills with a comfortable progression of techniques. Each lesson starts with a self-evalution of our "homework" assignments. Her series of questions gives each of us an opportunity to question our own projects and encourage development of one's individual style. 


Yulia starts with basic techniques and we are encourages to practice these skills, daily. Yulia is very much a hands-on instructor. She takes time to address each person's assignments. She points out  positive points in our work that can be shared with the group. Often this leads to a group discussion to better understand the lessons. Each week, Yulia gives one or two suggestions that will enable each of us to identify possible ways we can enhance our works. 


In her lessons, Yulia shares the works of various artists to exemplify the kinds of techniques we are to practice in class. During our class practice time, Yulia takes time with each student to encourage their progress. She encourages questions and takes time with individuals or with the entire class to address concerns and ensure understanding.


Three hours just fly by as there is so much to learn and apply. I have becom e more aware of my surroundings, looking for things to sketch and feeling comfortable in attempting more complicated subjects. I have discovered a style that works for me. 


Yulia is an excellent instructor and I look forward to participating in more of her classes."


Mary,  Guelph

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